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Tartu is a home to one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe, founded by the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus in 1632. The city of Tartu is a charming university town whose relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere creates a perfect environment for scholarly conversations.


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How to get to Tartu

 Tartu airport is small, served only by Flybe (in connection with Finnair, You can book your flight directly to Tartu. It means that you change the plane in Helsinki. Tartu airport has a good connection to town with Airport Shuttle bus (, it takes 15 minutes to reach the hotel (bus takes you directly to the hotel, if you ask). Ticket costs 5 € (Euro is the local currency).

 Tallinn airport ( is the main airport of Estonia which is also served by some low cost airlines. You might like to visit the medieval old town of Tallinn (UNESCO world heritage).

Tartu is 185 km from Tallinn. There is a very good bus connection between the two cities. The convenient buses (Täistunni Ekspress / Hourly Express) run from 0700 to 2000 (late extra bus 23:00) and take up to 2.5 hour ride. The bus stops at Tallinn airport near the lower exit (5 minutes after each full hour, see, the ticket costs 10.80€. You can buy a ticket in advance on-line, from a ticket machine by a lower entrance of the airport or pay by cash to the driver. NB! If you are planning to arrive to Tallinn airport later than 23:00, please contact Airport Shuttle bus (, which takes you to Tartu, if pre-ordered (no later than 15:00 on previous day), for 20 €.

Another (less convenient, but maybe with some extra connections) option is Riga airport, 250 km from Tartu. The bus connection service is available four times a day, travel from Riga to Tartu takes 4.5 hours (

From St Petersburg you can travel to Tartu by bus (see: